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Quotes Professional leadership, top-notch care, attention to detail, quality education, friendly and cooperative atmosphere. This sums it up. LOVE Team Benchmark!! My home away from home. Quotes
Karen Chrisman

Quotes Your place is a happy place for so many! Quotes
Tella Minkkinen

Quotes My eighteen year old Tanner has never been as happy and healthy as he is since moving to Benchmark Dressage just one year ago?a beautiful, friendly stable where nice people offer professional care, education and instruction at a fair price. Quotes
Ann Kiewel

Quotes I just wanted to say, I so love seeing all the success you are having with your business. It's easy to see how you've earned such success, with your hard work, your positive attitude and your support of your clients, staff and peers. I've been thinking this for a while, but never get around to saying anything, so when your name popped up while scrolling through my news feed, I thought, I'm just going to take a minute and tell you how happy we are for you, and how much I love seeing someone (a woman especially) be able to turn something she loves into a viable business that not only employs others helping them to make a living, but also allows others to develop their skills with something they love. You are a wonderful success for yourself, and a great example to others--so empowering! Kudos to you--you're amazing!! Someone ought to give you an award! Much future success as you continue to grow. ~ Claire VandenBurg, owner At Willow Pond B&B Quotes
Claire VandenBurg

Quotes My daughter started lessons [with Kristen] 1 year ago. I can't believe the progress she has made in such a short time. I couldn't be happier with the instruction she has received at Benchmark Dressage. For being a 9 year old, you would think the weekend would be the best part of her week but for Rachael, it is her horse lesson. Quotes
Dr. Linda Bessert

Quotes Had such a GREAT ride on Aries today...didn't want to get off! So thankful to have Kimberly working with my horse while I'm gone! Quotes
Carly Schultz

Quotes I just spent the majority of the day shadowing Kimberly and I'm exhausted. Today just reinforced (again) how happy I am that I board my two horses at Benchmark Farm. Not only does the farm take serious care of all the horses, but they do so in very safe and loving manner! Quotes
Rebecca Bruening

Quotes "We made the move to Benchmark because we were looking for a full service facility, great instruction, and a chance for Abby to ride with girls her own age. Kimberly has delivered times ten! The facility is immaculate and Bailey, the pony, is very well cared-for. Kimberly and the barn staff have an amazing amount of knowledge and have the best interests of the horses in mind in all they do, and it shows! Although Kimberly has only been teaching my 13-year-old daughter for a few months, we have seen big results. Abby is relaxed, smiling, and connecting with her pony. Kimberly has a way of teaching that conveys the seriousness of the 'message' with a positive 'delivery' that makes Abby feel good. Kimberly is able to say things to Abby that make a difference in the way she rides AND in the way she feels about her riding. When my daughter gets off her horse and says 'That was a FUN lesson!', I know that my money is well-spent. Quotes
Pam Liggett

Quotes I personally watched at least part of all nine rides and what really impressed me was how engaged Kim was from start to finish of each of the rides. There certainly were a variety of riders and horses, many of which Kim was seeing for the first time. She was truly professional and positive all day long! [A] positive response I noticed about all the other riders is they were geeked after their rides and hungry for more! Many signed up for the next clinic with Kim right away. The March clinic is now three days long and completely full. No higher compliment could ever be paid to a clinician! Kim uses very descriptive words and phrases when conveying her instructions. If the horse and rider team get stuck, she hops on and helps work through it herself. I love it when they lead by example! This is money well spent and a very positive experience for you and your horse. Quotes
Sue Casey

Quotes I have watched her grow from a young, hardworking professional to the polished farm owner/trainer/instructor that I know today. My first contact with her was when she requested to come to my farm to watch me teach and train from her location a couple of hours away. She continued to do that on a regular basis, sitting in the corner of my arena watching, occasionally asking questions, all to educate her eye and improve her knowledge. In addition to watching, Kimberly became my long-term student. Kimberly is now the owner and trainer of her own facility. She and her husband Jim took a shopworn, dirty facility and literally scrubbed it from head to toe. The farm is spotless and polished, and Kimberly's impressive organizational skills show in every aspect of the farm. I now go to Benchmark to teach regular clinics to her students, and have been most impressed with the steady improvement I have seen from everyone. Quotes
Sue Thome
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