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Classical Horsemanship is Universal.

What I do is not new, nor did I “invent” any of it.  I follow the proven classical training scale to guide horses and riders to a higher level of relaxation, confidence, balance  and communication in order to produce a harmonious partnership.


Because we work with such a wide variety of horses and riders, we see a lot of different types, breeds, sizes, and training - more specifically, training issues.


Many horses (and riders!) come to us with fear or confidence issues. This is always addressed first and foremost. A horse cannot be expected to work well if he is fearful or unsure of what is expected of him. He must also be free from pain. Poor tack fit, improper use of “training aids” or un-educated riding can all contribute to resistance from discomfort.


The horse must learn to trust and respect his rider and his environment. This means establishing clear, consistent boundaries and handling him in a firm but fair manner. This is not achieved by inflicting pain or by force. Once he understands his place in the “herd” dynamic, he will begin to relax and focus on the direction of his rider.


The horse is ridden forward a steady, elastic contact. He begins to use his body effectively and becomes more light, attentive and balanced. He learns to accept the bit and becomes increasingly responsive to the riders’ aids.  It is at this point that the horse can begin to progress in this Dressage education. 

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